Did you know?



  • The internet and online search is the first contact potential buyers have with a real estate. The first selection will be made out of their home, simply based on good or bad photos showing the property. Professionally arranged properties look better on photos, therefore, more people are attracted and more people want to visit it in live.


  • According to statistics, when inspecting a property, the buyer takes the decision on the purchase within the first few seconds.


  • If an offered property is unfurnished and completely empty, it leaves a cold impression, and even 9 of 10 potential buyers have absolutely no clue how to furnish it.


  • When comparing two properties with similar sales price and location, one being furnished and decorated for the sale and the other one not, it is always the furnished and decorated one that is being sold first.


  • A professionally staged property for sale attracts more interested clients and is sold faster, sometimes even to a better price.


  • The presentation of the offering property is crucial, so sellers must present it at its best condition.


  • There are not a lot of buyers that can actually visualise a potential of a space to their wishes, especially if they already gained a bad initial impression.


  • The decision on buying a real estate is in most cases made on the basis of the first impression the buyer gets while inspecting the home, so give your property a chance to stand out from the competition and the buyer to fall in love at first sight!