Home staging

The agency ALFA NEKRETNINE from Vodice, among the first in Croatia, offers the service of HOME STAGING. It has been already proven that arranged and decorated properties are more appealing to buyers, are easier sold and reach a higher price.

The idea on property styling and decorating house for sale originated in the USA about 30 years ago and is known as HOME STAGING, and since then, it grew into a professional service expanding to Europe. More and more property sellers do use this kind of service as to sell their property faster or because they are not skilled in arranging or presenting their real estate for sale.


“HOME STAGING“, also called “property styling“, is a conceived, systematic methodology of preparing a property for sale (or rent) on the real estate market. It is the art of arranging and decorating properties, accentuating its best features and qualities during presentation. It is also the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.

In Croatia following terms are used to describe „home staging“: „pretprodajno uređenje – pre-sale arrangement”, „stiliziranje nekretnina – property stylisation“ or „uređenje i dekoriranje nekretnine za prodaju – arranging and decorating properties for sale“.

Home staging IS NOT an equivalent to interior design, for the purpose of interior design is to arrange a space according to the personal taste, the wishes and needs of the client, while the goal of HOME STAGING is contrary. Home staging concentrates on preparing and arranging a property to be appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, therefore, it is being sold faster to a higher price.

Home staging makes it possible to a buyer to create a personal emotional attachment to the property he is visiting, and gives the buyer the opportunity to visualise his own furniture and decoration. The techniques of professional property arrangement are used by HOME STAGERS with a proper training education.


HOME STAGER (or a property stylist) is someone who is engaged professionally in arranging and decorating properties for sale. Such a person manages to estimate objectively what changes and arrangement are needed to make the property appealing to a high number of clients, without being emotionally attached to the space itself or to its items. A home stager will use his professional eye, his talent, creative design and marketing knowledge to show the property to its best, so potential buyer might imagine themselves in that specific space, wishing to move in immediately. Such an expert indeed helps the buyer to notice the actual value of the property and to increase the experienced one – with the aid of a prepared and arranged real estate.


Regardless of whether it is about an occupied real estate or an empty one, HOME STAGING is especially recommended to:

  • Sellers of empty and unfurnished apartments and houses
  • All those whose properties do attract potential buyer no more for a longer period of time and though being offered on the market are still unsold
  • Sellers who have already cut their price for several times
  • Property owners with outdated interior furnishing
  • Property owners who are too busy and realize that engagement around it takes lot of time
  • Sellers without a real concept on how to attract potential buyers
  • Investors and contractors who want to have a showroom to push the sale


The person responsible for the “home staging“ in the agency ALFA NEKRETNINE knows how to create a pleasing and memorable ambience; a home the buyer shall wish to move in to immediately. Surely, the easiest way is to cut the price, but remember that a property being prepared professionally and presented the right way, organised, arranged and pleasing to the eye, shall find its way easier to a buyer, therefore, you won’t have to easily cut the price.

By means of minimal intervention and investment, using the furniture and decoration you already have, along with some corrections, your home may gain that “certain something” that makes it special, so it stands out against the other offered properties on the market.

The price of home staging depends on the size and number of rooms that have to be prepared and decorated. The calculation of the price also depends on the fact whether it is about a property that is: empty, furnished, partially furnished or furnished and occupied.

As to aim the home staging at effect, we shall not drive you into too big investment, but we will rather use the available equipment and furniture, keeping down the costs. Our aim is to embellish a property by means of small and simple interventions to make it stand out against the competition, while creating an ambience for the buyer during his first visit, so he might establish instantly an emotional connection, feeling at home and wishing to move in immediately.

“Alfa real estate” can offer you various types of home staging service: from VIRTUAL STAGING (consultation by phone through photos) for the price of 500 HRK + VAT, to the complete HOME STAGING SERVICE where we come into your place, we find deficiencies, we create entire install and arrangement of furniture and decorations, give a written report with all the details and advice, we buy it for you, all you need we order and set, and at the end property is professionally cleaned and photographed. Such services can cost up to several thousand euros, typically from 1% to 3% of the price of the property, depending on the budget, abilities and wishes. Of course do not forget that this service still costs less than the first lowering the prices.

It is not only the location that sells a real estate, but its price and home staging.

If you’re one of the above vendor and finally you have possibility to have service you wanted for a long time and did not have anyone to turn to, you can now write to the email alfadizajn5@gmail.com or call +385 91 525 3260 and ask for Jasminka Fisher Gavranovic, professional home stager.